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Summer feels as though it never really got it's feet off the ground. And just as I had decided that we were all but done, the sun came out yesterday for one glorious final goodbye. Today we're back to grey skies and rain, and Autumn seems like it's right around the corner. Here’s a few links to brighten up this Sunday.

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I love this piece in defence of 'the perfect instagram life'. For me instagram always has been, and always will be a place full of inspiration and creativity. A place where I can push myself a little further in the hopes of developing my photography and styling, whilst connecting with others doing the same. And in turn, this spills out into my daily life. I explore, cook and create more than I have ever done before because of this. We all have parts of our lives that aren't 'instagram worthy' but there's certainly nothing wrong with putting your best feed forward.

Stop whatever you're doing, put the kettle on and distract yourself from the rain outside with this e-book, it's full of recipes, tips and inspiring photography.

This instagram account proves that plant based eating is anything but boring. 

A few recipes to that are perfect for this 'in between' weather; warm fingerling potatoes with garlic + turmeric sauce // potato, leek and fennel soup // lemon cheesecake tart with lemon curd // a clean hot chocolate.

If you use pinterest then I'm sure at some point you've come across Issy Crockers' photography, I'm completely in awe. But it wasn't until recently that I realised Issy was one half of The Curious Pear. It's a beautiful site that showcases independent food, and the people behind it. And their instagram is packed full of ideas on where to eat out in London. 

Enjoy xx

*Daniel Wellington kindly sent me this beautiful watch for a pinterest collaboration that we worked on together. They’re also offering a discount code to use at their online store, which you can find here. 

In Good Company | No. 1 | Freckle + Wulff